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One of the goals of Spirit 2 Spirit Message Music Ministry Communications, Incorporated is to use the universal language of music to attract the attention of lower-moderate income students to inspire them to become more conscious of their spiritual needs. Many young adults are economically disadvantaged, most distressed. They need both spiritual awareness and a means to assist and help them sustain a purposeful life, (more specifically,) a zeal for pursuit of a higher consciousness to develop a foundation of faith.

Music is a universal language; it touches the spirit of people around the globe, from all walks of life. It can be used as a powerful tool to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities together with a common belief, expressing similar ambitions. Spirit 2 Spirit believes that each person is naturally gifted and it is a person’s duty to whole-heartedly share their gifts and talents in God's service, with their fellow man.

All over the nation, we are experiencing violence in our streets among young people. Sprit 2 Spirit Ministry is convinced that much of the negative behavior, rebellious and violent rages stems from the music in today’s society. The Ministry seeks to redirect the course of music for young people by helping them to understand their value in creating a future focused on the principles of God.

Message Music

“Message Music" is designed to aid in spiritual enlightenment; by providing faith-based information and in song. WHAT IS MESSAGE MUSIC?

On an annual basis, a public performance will be presented, “The Thomas Jenkins Gospel Message Music Award”, in memory of our father and the retired Quartet Group “The Mighty Southern Echoes”. We will utilize our trained students to participate in all the areas of the performance, i.e., music, dance, and their special talents.

We are now building an Advocacy Network. This Network is made up with faith-based community service organizations and business groups for the purpose of providing needy persons, (both young and old) a chance to get involved in community programs. This will give them an opportunity to pursue, develop and share their gifts (in a training/school setting) in song, liturgical dance, instrumental music, creative writing, and audio & video recording.

Spirit 2 Spirit Ministry is now asking other nonprofit organizations, communities, quality arts programming, in-school arts education residencies, professional development for arts organizations, and presenters to partnership for this same cause to help in this endeavor.

We would also appreciate any listings of warehouse and/or commercial space available in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area that could be used for office and training space (preferably with ample parking space) and/or any help in the acquisition of such property.

We are also interested in applying for any and all Grants that our non-profit status could make us eligible for. Please contact us.

We look forward to your support!

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