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Programs and Services Definitions

Our sole purpose of Spirit 2 Spirit “Message Music” is to provide enlightenment; provide information, mentoring and training in message music and song; provide sustenance to the lower-moderate income, and socio-economically disadvantaged, who respond favorably to music; and, advocacy networks that foster to the socio-economic and spiritual advancement of individuals who are in economic distress.

Media Productions and Performing Arts Program and Advocacy Network

Studio and Sound Recording

Audio Engineering

Spirit 2 Spirit offers an Intensive, hands-on, in-studio course for audio engineering, music production and sound technician skills.

Think about how amazing it would be to make your living doing something that you love.

Audio engineering is the backbone of the recording session. The audio engineer is the technician who runs the session, works the equipment, and helps the producer and the artist get the recording they are aiming for. They are part technician, part scientist, and part creative force.

From day one, our structured audio engineering school course curriculum puts you inside a real recording studio under the direct tutelage of a professional audio engineer. You will go into the studio anywhere between 2 - 7 times per week, where you will learn all of the following


So you want to try and make it big as a Music Producer?  Well, we don't blame you. What’s not to love about making a living arranging, composing and recording music with your favorite artists?

Introduction to Music Production gives students a thorough grounding in essential music production skills in Cakewalk Sonar (DAW), Sound Forge (Audio Editing and Mastering), and Acid Pro (Sample Construction Software). If you are serious about becoming a producer or sound engineer, then it is crucial to master these skills before you can progress further. This music production course is perfect for beginners, but even if you have been making music for some time, you will benefit from learning professional techniques from an experienced producer with major independant artist credits.

The career of the music producer is one of the most sought-after professional careers on the planet. Because of this, it is also one of the most competitive and hardest careers to obtain. But don't let us talk you out of your passion. We offer to our students:

Songwriting and Composition

We will have songwriting lessons to our students.  This takes place in a group (class) setting, and is much more geared toward commercial music, including rock, pop, etc .  These classes will introduce them to the techniques of writing marketable songs including the writing of lyrics and melodies, setting lyrics to music, developing lyrical and musical “hooks,” analyzing the marketplace, and developing a production plan for a song demo.  The class is a combination of lecture materials and hands-on writing activities.

Creative Writing

Our creative writing course will guide our students surely and safely into the writing life. The will expand their powers of observation, imagination, and language. They will collect numerous tips on craft and practices. Our students will be exposed to various forms of creative writing in the fields of prose fiction and nonfiction. Ideas will be sparked, confidence acquired, and they will gain a sense of where to move onward with their writing.


Singing lessons are one of the best ways to increase confidence and lead the way to singing opportunities, either professionally or as a hobby.

Singing is a much more complex art than it first appears. It is near impossible to learn proficiently when just singing along to songs or looking at online resources. In Spirit 2 Spirit singing lessons our instructors will give them total attention from a vocal coach, in order for them to improve their voice quickly and effectively. Our voice teacher will also be able to see any weak points that a trainer of a choir or group class may not notice. This way, they will avoid developing bad habits that might impede your progress.

In our voice lessons, our students will learn how to warm up, extend their range and strengthen their vocal cords just like professional singers. They will work on specific songs “Message Music” in order to perfect their singing, and most students will hear improvement in just a couple weeks.

Instrumental Music


A beginning class, students learn snare drum technique/reading, drum set chart/lead sheet reading, time feels and eventually snare drums to introduce the basic techniques and rhythms used on the drum set.


Our students will learn to play electric guitar for fun or to enhance their skills in developing a performing career. Learn to play pop, jazz, blues or contemporary music on your guitar.

Primary Instrumental Exploration

Students use pitched and non-pitched instruments to explore the elements of music. Students learn the basic postures of instrument families including: Pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, piano, recorder, strings and voice. Recommended age range for this program is five through eight.

Elementary Instrumental Exploration

Students study musical terms, note reading, and composers as well as using pitched and non pitched instruments. Students learn the basic postures of instrument families including: Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar, Strings, Piano, Percussion and Voice. Recommended age range for this program is nine through twelve.


Technique: As an internationally respected teacher of contemporary dance technique, Spirit 2 Spirit teaches a class that combines the basics of the Limon technique with his own idiosyncratic yet lyrical movement style. Technique classes move from Limon swinging, fall and release fundamentals to ballet placement exercises to yoga-inspired strengthening practices to combinations which gradually accumulate into a final longer movement phrase which reinforces principles from earlier in the class. Stephen is committed to meeting, challenging and inspiring each student.  It is our belief that a healthy and challenging approach to dancing can resound in a more fulfilling approach to life in general.

Liturgical Dancing


We will teach our students all about dancing graceful. Being graceful is essential to presenting beautiful movement. Since praise dance is sometimes mostly upper body movements for beginners, start by practicing what is called a port a bras. This is entails beautiful effortless movements with the hands and the arms.

Concert and Performance Training


We also offer a class in mindsetting.  The student does not just need technical ability, talent and practice, they also need the right mindset.

The idea behind this approach is that our values, conditioning and beliefs can hold us back from reaching our true potential as performers.  We're not usually aware of these beliefs because to us they're just the truth and have always been so.  The life coaching techniques we use gently uncover these 'gremlins'.  From this awareness can come the freedom and power to make choices.  This can result in miraculous transformations and huge leaps in confidence and achievement.  This process can be positively transformational, empowering and inspiring.


Spirit 2 Spirit has lesson in simple strategies to improve stage presence and help our students look uniform in their sharp concert dress.


When preparing for a concert, Spirit 2 Spirit will have lessons to make sure that our students looks uniform and that every singer can be seen by the audience. There are always those picture-obsessed parents who will want to capture that joyful expression on their child's face as they sing; not to mention it will help with sound projection.

New Artist Development


Spirit 2 Spirit have lessons in Art Development.  The term "Artist Development" encompasses two general concepts. "Pre-Release" issues involve these jobs, tasks, and other considerations that an artist or band must do to create, protect and prepare a recording for the marketplace. "Product Development" issues are concerned with any and all things that must be done to get your music into the marketplace. An artist development deal is often the first of a recording artist's contracts with a major record label.

Community Outreach Advocacy Network

Health Awareness Advocacy Network

We conduct health-enhancing activities among the community.  We conduct health education seminars; providing health-oriented information materials on a variety of subjects and conduct health fairs and seminars.

Family Counseling Network

Spirit 2 Spirit Ministry has trained and licensed individuals to independently diagnose and treat mental health and substance abuse problems.  Marriage and family therapy is one of the core mental health disciplines and based on the research and theory that mental illness and family problems are best treated in a family context.  Our therapist also focus on understanding our community youth’s problems and issues.

Mentoring Program Advocacy Network

Spirit 2 Spirit have classes with motivated students to enhance their personal, academic and career development by matching them with adult volunteer mentors in structured 1-1 relationships.  Us working with traditional public and charter high schools has proven to improve graduation rates: at least 90% of our students graduate from high school in our community.  To make sure our efforts yield the best results for our students our advocacy leaders follow the BEST PRACTICES of MENTOR, National Mentoring Partnership.

Religious Studies Advocacy Network

We take such topics as “God” or “love” and examine different Bible verses that relate to the subject. By comparing them, we see what the Bible as a whole says about the topic, and in this way we let the Bible interpret itself.

Contact Info:
Stanley Maple and Sandra Jenkins

Tele: 202-601-7977