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Kingdom Greetings,

We are Michael and Denny Jenkins, Founders of Spirit2Spirit Ministry, Incorporated (Spirit2Spirit), sons of Thomas Jenkins, Sr.; late renowned gospel singer and Manager of former group, “The Mighty Southern Echoes of Washington, DC.”

Spirit2Spirit is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the State of Maryland, whose mission in life is to draw souls to God and to advocate the sharing of our resources to help one another.

Our Ministry will comfort individuals through word and song, but much more than this, there is healing in our music.  However, God has placed no limit on what can be accomplished, therefore, we are introducing a new platform to Partnership in our Ministry.  Please continue to explore OUR website to gain knowledge of our passion to do God's work......and our Services.




Spirit 2 Spirit Ministry, Inc.
“The Next Level”


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