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Our Outreach Programs
Project I - Homelessness and Feeding the Hungry - "Do You Care? House the Homeless"

Our vision is to gather the DMV’s Finest Inspirational singers and musicians together and record a music single and video from the Title Song which we created, (“Do You Care?); and to add (proper language here – is it to add or set up?) a go-fund me webpage to generate funds for housing the homeless of the DMV area.

Our objective to meet the vision is to hold auditions to select established singers and musicians from the surrounding DMV Region to record and videotape footage of all recordings and video sessions of the Title Song. We will find sponsors (companies and websites with similar interests) to help with the Project, master all footage and release, and to distribute the music single and video to the public.

Project II - Health Awareness

We will conduct health-enhancing activities throughout the community such as, health education seminars, health fairs and provide health-oriented information materials on a variety of subjects.

Our Health Awareness Features our very own Community Health Worker Sabrina Heard known as “Vagina”

Female Genitalia (FG) is a presentation that defines and gives pride to feminine characteristics by using self-defined characters that depict the parts of the female reproduction system.  A theatrical medium is presented:  the subjects of HIV stigma and related behaviors that promote transmission rates that are disproportionally affecting women of color are addressed in a safe space.  FG presentations promote the intergenerational opportunity to have conversations between women and their families to bring about behavior change.  FG target women who are HIV+; who are at a high risk of contracting HIV; women who are young and contemplating their first thoughts about sexual activity; older women who are sexually active; who are substance abuse users, homeless women, and women in the metropolitan area who are unaware of their risk of contracting HIV.  Women are often the head of households in public housing communities, and working women struggle to keep the bill collectors at bay. So often these social-economic factors give rise to households where only one parent is available.

Project III – Fundraising – Lucinda Hall (JenkinsEventPlanning)

It is my pleasure to introduce Ms. Lucinda Jenkins-Hall, Owner and Coordinator of Jenkins Event Planners(JEP).  Lucinda Jenkins-Hall and Sandra Jenkins, both Certified Wedding & Event Planners, provide a wide range of traditional event planning services.  JEP plans, organizes, and coordinates all our fundraising galas, social and business events, including health fairs, family reunions, conferences, seminars, meetings, and management retreats.  JEP provides services to individuals, couples, families, businesses, private and public organizations.  The Company is grounded in a set of values that serves as the driving force for excellence in event planning and customer service delivery.  In that regard, JEP employs a unique values-based service model worthy of the business trademark, “Unique in Every Detail.”  The vision will serve as the beacon and the values as the cornerstone, while moving forward with passion to accomplish the mission of the business.

Project III - Family Counseling

Spirit2Spirit Ministry has trained and licensed individuals to independently diagnose and treat mental health and substance abuse problems.  Marriage and family therapy is one of the cores’ mental health disciplines and based on the research and theory that mental illness and family problems are best treated in a family context.  Our therapist also focuses on understanding our community youths’ problems and issues.

Project IV - Mentoring Program - “Fatherless Fathers for Fatherless Kids”

Spirit2Spirit has classes with motivated students to enhance their personal, academic and career development by matching them with adult volunteer mentors in structured 1-1 relationships.  Us working with traditional public and charter high schools has proven to improve graduation rates:  at least 90% of our students graduate from high school in our community.  To make sure our efforts yield the best results for our students our advocacy leaders follow the BEST PRACTICES of MENTORSHIP.
Project V - Religious Studies
We take such topics as “God” or “love” and examine different Bible verses that relate to the subject.  By comparison, we see what the Bible wholly says about the topic, and in this way, the Bible interprets itself correctly.

Project VI – Advocacy Network

We are now building an Advocacy Network:  the Network is made up of faith-based community service organizations and business groups with the purpose of getting involved in community programs and providing their share to needy persons (both young and old). The Network’s opportunity is to pursue, develop, and share their gifts (in a training/school setting); in song, liturgical dance, instrumental music, creative writing, and audio & video recording.

Spirit2Spirit Ministry is currently asking other nonprofit organizations, communities, quality arts programming, in-school arts education residencies, professional development-for-arts organizations, and presenters to partnership for the same cause, to help in this endeavor.

We look forward to your support!  Please visit our Donation Page and our Official webpage at http://www.spirit2spiritmessagemusic.com/.

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