What Is
Spirit 2 Spirit Doing
to Help Hurricane
Relief Victims?

100% of Your Donations are used for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Beginning as a tropical storm and fueled by unusually warm Gulf water, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday, 25 August, 2017, as a Category 4 “major” hurricane, with wind speeds of 130 mph. Harvey’s enormous destructive potential comes because of strong winds, torrential downpours, significant storm-surges and devastating flooding. Harvey made a total of three landfalls in Texas, damaging or destroying roughly 185,000 homes and impacting millions of people; 42,399 individuals are reported to be living in shelters. Since the initial landfall, the death toll has risen to at least 70 individuals.

Spirit2Spirit is taking their first step in connecting with other Federal and local charities to raise funds to send several shipments of relief supplies in response to Hurricane Relief.  These plans, including but not limited to, involve supporting the American Red Cross with shipments of cleaning supplies, bleach, thermos-blankets, and bottled water.  Based on continuing needs, additional tractor trailer loads will follow.


We are also committing our efforts and Ministry resources to produce an inspirational recording single and music video using the theme of the popular Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie song “We Are the World.” Our song is titled “Do You Care,” an original collaboration with song writer Denny Jenkins and Curtis Day. We are humbly pleased to announce all the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Relief and the Homeless.

We understand that the efforts we are charting, have a long road ahead and Spirit2Spirit is committed for the long term. We are committing what it takes to rebuild hope for families and communities after a disaster like Hurricane Harvey. That is what we will do; we will stay committed until the job is done.

*Donors who would like to contribute their financial gifts for Hurricane Relief can use our donation page or send checks written out to Spirit2Spirit Communications Message Music Ministry Communications, Inc. at 5757 Falkland Place, Capitol Heights, MD  20743.

Thanking you in advance!